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Gluing of XASM components

In order to provide a high degree of flexibility in interconnecting XASM-components, it is possible to define local derived functions using so-called ``with'' definitions. For example, a asm A wants to use the check_blockvar as introduced above, but A doesn't declare a function named ``DeclTable'' as it is required by the check_blockvar asm. However, the DeclTable must be somehow expressible using existing functions in A. The ``with''-statement can be used to provide the called asm with the necessary function declaration, as illustrated in the following example:

\FUNCTION currentmodule \rightarrow Str
...,v:Str) ==

In a similar way, accessed sub-asms can be specified in the context of a ``with'' statement.

Using XASM components together with this kind of gluing mechanism provides a powerful means to structure large specifications using smaller and reusable units.

Philipp Kutter 2002-03-18